Raithwall, City of Dynasts

In Raithwall, the role-players rule. The AI accepts those who conform to the world’s fictional social conventions as legitimate actors, which leads to some interesting AI dialogue when role play inevitably veers into soap opera. For most role-players, this is the acid test: if the AI accepts your story, it passes. However, if your role play is so outlandish that the AI instead performs its willful ignorance subroutines, then your story needs to be revised.

The de facto ruler of Raithwall is the AI Duchess Mydia in her husband’s absence at war, an unusual situation given that Mydia is a Beastkin. Roleplay in the city takes all forms, but is centered most in the fountain square of the upper city. Most role players maintain apartments in the upper city to facilitate more complex storylines, but most of the action happens in the square.

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