Orphin Yvel

Orphin Yvel, Weaver Caster

A shrouded, half-masked figure infamous for having discovered and popularised the controversial Voidcalling power.


  • <Seeker of Forbidden Knowledge>, 1st Voidcaller*
  • The Grand Experiment in Myth-Making
  • Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know
  • Must Repay even the Smallest Kindness
  • Leader of “Mammet”


Superb +5 – Investigate
Great +4 – Weaver (Stormcalling), Will
Good +3 – Empathy, Deceive, Lore
Fair +2 – Rapport, Survival, Shoot, Resources
Average +1 – Artifice, Stealth, Athletics, Ride, Hack


  • (Racial) Custodians of Loom
    Once per game session, use Weaver in place of any other skill tied to an in-game mechanic for one roll. The fiction also supports the use of Weaver to spot hazards or traps in old ruins and dungeons. Weaver replaces Stormcalling.

  • (irl) The Power of Deduction
    Once per scene, spend a fate point to make a special Investigate roll. For each shift, discover or create an aspect with one free invoke (total).

  • The Weight of Reputation
    Use Rapport instead of Provoke to create advantages based on the fear generated by your sinister reputation.

  • (EE) The Lost Rite (Tome)
    Use Voidcalling to create a programmable NPC Demon-class homunculus. For each shift, create an aspect for it. Take a Severe Consequence if it dies before you can banish it.

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Orphin Yvel

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