Ilya Thaliedor

Ilya Thaliedor, Weaver Saber

A platinum-haired Weaver who espouses that “the contract is all.” Despite that, she is easily sidetracked for reasons of honour and revenge.


  • Fanatical and Intense PvPer
  • Places All Her Self-Worth in the Game
  • The Honourable Blade is Ever True
  • Mammet Sympathiser for Personal Reasons


  • Superb +5 – Fight
  • Great +4 – Rapport
  • Good +3 – Weaver (Stormcalling), Survival
  • Fair +2 – Athletics, Shoot, Will, Ride
  • Average +1 – Empathy, Resources, Provoke, Artifice, Investigation


*(Racial) Custodians of Loom
Once per game session, use Weaver in place of any other skill tied to an in-game mechanic for one roll. The fiction also supports the use of Weaver to spot hazards or traps in old ruins and dungeons. Weaver replaces Stormcalling.

  • (EE) Demonic Visage
    Because I wear a fearsome suit of vanquished demons, my weight counts as 2 in social conflict against those who appear less intimidating.
  • Warlord of Angra Mainyu (2 stunts)
Because I am a feared Warlord of Angra Mainyu who excels at world PVP, in physical conflicts when I am leading my fellow PVPers into battle against other players, my weight counts as 4.

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Ilya Thaliedor

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