Escape Goat

Escape Goat, Nightkin Rider

A foul-mouthed, verbally-aggressive nightkin solo player with a thriving anti-player smuggling business.


  • High Concept: High Stakes Master Smuggler
  • Trouble: The Manners of a Goat
  • Has the Trust of the Frontline Guilds


Superb +5 – Ride
Great +4 – Resources
Good +3 – Nightkin (Artifice), Stealth
Fair +2 – Fight, Survival, Provoke
Average +1 – Rapport, Athletics, Will


  • (Racial) Denizen of the Deep

    Get an additional free invocation with advantages created by crafting arms, armour, jewellery, or magic items made of metal. The fiction also supports the use of Nightkin to navigate underground locations, see in the darkness, and assess the quality of metal and gems in the game. Nightkin replaces Artifice.

  • (irl) Saavy Investor
    Get an additional free invoke when creating advantages with Resources, provided that they describe a monetary return on an investment made in a previous session.
  • The White Stag
    Whenever you’re engaged in any mounted contest where speed is the primary factor (such as a chase or a race) and you tie with your Ride roll, it’s considered a success. When crossing hostile territory, so long as you do not attack, your weight counts as 4.

Slippery Target
In darkness or shadow, you can use Stealth to defend against Shoot attacks from enemies at least one zone away.

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Escape Goat

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