Cypher Rosethorne

Cypher Rosethorn, Beastkin Observer

An online broadcaster whose only interest in the game is to read the vast libraries of lore and to compile the anthropological history of the world.


  • High Concept: Beloved Community <Loremaster>
  • Trouble: Too Busy Cataloguing to Actually Play (or Have Relationships)
  • Clout with the Dev-Team


Great +4 – Lore
Good +3 – Investigate, Rapport
Fair +2 – Beastkin, Resources, Empathy
Average +1 – Athletics, Fight, Will, Hack


(Racial) Outcast Gypsies
    Once per game session, show up anywhere you want to provided you can run there. The fiction also supports the use of Beastkin to entertain others through shows of legerdemain, perform acrobatic feats, and avoid notice. Beastkin replaces Survival.

  • (irl) I’ve Read About That!
    You’ve read hundreds—if not thousands—of books on a wide variety of topics. Spend a fate point to use Lore in place of any other skill for one roll or exchange, provided you can justify having read about the action you’re attempting.

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Cypher Rosethorne

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