Angra Mainyu

The Warlords of Angra Mainyu

Also known as: The Angry Managers, the Avengers

A prevailing dichotomy in Fate Online is that while the PvE raiding guilds are best equipped to win and “generate” available land for player ownership, those same guilds are also typically ill-equipped to defend the holdings they create. Attempts by major guilds to balance their rosters with the introduction of PvP squads only served to fracture their membership, and the resulting drama severely blunted the efforts of the frontline. It was in this climate that a new guild to FSO — the Angra Mainyu — rose to prominence. With a mission statement to covet no lands for their own and to honour contracts even if it meant fighting one another, the squads of the Angra Mainyu created a vibrant and competitive PvP culture in which they fought proxy wars on behalf of the big guilds and even encouraged new PvP guilds to emerge and to test themselves against the Avengers.

Because of past allegations that the Avengers were fixing battles, observers are allowed into Angra Mainyu guild chat, but tend to be quickly repelled by the ongoing dick and fart jokes, casual racism, and trash talk that occurs within, especially when a battle is ongoing. (In contrast, all Angra Mainyu communication to the game community is exceedingly genteel and polite.) The squads don’t share secrets or even new tactics amongst one another — the only way to discover another squad’s new formation is to meet it on the battlefield. Despite this seemingly toxic environment, the majority of members are committed to the Angra Mainyu vision and structure — and have, once only, shown the game what can happen when the Managers Assemble. (A week-long unstoppable rampage across the front lines to prove that if even one guild disrespects the Angra Mainyu, all guilds will suffer.)

The Warlords of the Angra Mainyu are Ilya Thaliedor, Sumonzul, TIL, Dimidiata, Ashhoof, Superfly, Nightside, Sekma Leta, Morkeleb, Abe Raptorian, and Sima Yi. The High Warlord and founder, Boot, is the only one who can call the squads together.

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Angra Mainyu

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