The vaulters (or nightkin) are an ancient race of horned humanoids who once lived beneath the snow-capped mountains of the Northlands. Consummate builders, the vaulters have always been sought out for the skill of their craft, the most famous manifestation of which are the fabled Nightroads that once connected Loom. During the Demonic Invasion, the vaulters eluded the demon’s notice the longest by deliberately collapsing sections and portals of the Nightroads and remaining hidden in their secret Vault of Night. When even their capital fell to the invaders, the vaulters reluctantly joined the other races at the Last Free City of Talos.

According to FATE Census, vaulters are the least-played race at 13% of subscribers.

Special Features

  • Vaulters often have high levels of the Artifice skill and take the Personal Device and Personal Magical Item stunts.

Vaulter Aspects

  • At Home Underground
  • Lover of the Treasures of the Earth

Nightkin Stunts

  • Work Through the Night
  • Stone Sense
  • Darkvision
  • Lock Horns


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