“Men are lords of their fate. It is not destiny’s fault, but our own faults, that we become slaves.”

The stormlords (or free people) are one of the playable races in Fate Online. Descended of ancient storm-giant stock, they are a resilient breed who once inhabited the mountainous and perilous Northlands. During the Demonic Invasion, the stormlords mounted a fierce resistance against Ornias the Strangler, Kina-Ma’s northern overseer, for years until infighting and betrayal weakened the defences of their mountain fastnesses. To ensure the survival of their kind, the proud stormlords began a costly exodus south, where they barely made it to the relative safety of the Last Free City of Talos.

Of all the available races, stormlords most resemble humans. According to FATE Census, 20% of subscribers play stormlords.

Free Racial Stunt

The Storm Never Yields: Because I play a stubborn Stormlord, I get a free Storm box and +2 to contest against physical and magical attempts to move me against my will. The fiction also supports the use of Stormlord (skill) to traverse difficult mountain terrain, weather extreme temperatures, and call upon the Storm for very minor effects even if I lack the related aspect and skill. Stormlord (skill) replaces Athletics on my skill list and has all the advantages of Athletics.

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