Skill Changes


New skills are bolded and italicized. Changed skills are italicized.

Artifice Hacking Resources
Athletics Investigate Shoot
Burglary Lore Stealth
Deceive Provoke Stormcalling
Empathy Ride Survival
Fight Rapport Will


  • Craft has become Artifice and is focused upon the creation of goods in the game world. Knowledge of real-world construction is a Lore sub-set.
  • Rapport has been merged with Contacts.
  • Stormcalling is to magic what Fight and Shoot are to melee and ranged combat.
  • Notice has been expanded into Survival to include traversing of game world locales. As such, it is now the skill used to determine initiative in combat.
  • Will has been merged with Physique. As a result, there is only one stress track: Fatigue.
  • Hacking is a rare and illegal skill used to alter the coding of the game world to provide advantages or data-mine information.

Racial Skill Overrides & Abilities

Stormlord → Athletics
Logre → Ride

New Skill Clarifications

The Stormcaller skill is used to summon the power of the Storm to do all manner of interesting—often harmful—things. The exact form this takes depends on the storm being called, but in general the Stormcaller chants the correct sequence of code words to give the spell shape. It could take the form of a cage of lightning, a hurled spike of frost, a ripple of force through the earth, or anything else that the players can think of.

  • Overcome: Stormcalling tends to be a bit crude for all but the most direct of overcome actions, such as knocking something down. But it definitely excels at that.
  • Create an Advantage: The creation of advantages is a common effect of Stormcalling, summoning up walls of fire or opening up pits in the floor. The more concrete storms—Earthquake and Glacier—tend to be strongest at this sort of effect, as their efforts tend to be more durable.

Most effects can be treated as a normal roll to create an advantage, using an aspect on the scene to reflect that advantage, but there are some special cases. Specifically, Stormcalling can be used to create a barrier of the appropriate element. In this case, the caller picks two zones and makes a check against a difficulty of 0. The result of the roll indicates the difficulty to bypass the created barrier.

Other advantage effects depend on the specific element invoked.

  • Attack: All the Storms are good at this. As a rule of thumb you can make an attack in-zone at no penalty, -1 per zone distance. These are normal attacks, but may have additional effects based on the Storm used.
  • Defend: Elements may also be used to defend against attacks, parrying with weapons of ice or throwing up a momentary wall of water to intercept a blow. Specifics depend on the Storm used.
  • Inner Storm Stress Track: Much like how the Physical Stress Track represents Avatar “hit points” and the Mental Stress Track focuses on the well-being of the Character playing the Avatar, Inner Storm tracks Avatar magical energy, or MP. Each time the Stormcaller uses his Storm beyond a basic single-target attack, mark a box of Inner Storm; if no boxes remain, the Avatar is out of energy and must replenish.

Inner Storm starts at two stress boxes, but at Stormcalling ratings of Good (+3) or higher, stress boxes will be equal to Stormcalling rating. All Stormlords, even non-Stormcallers, start with two stress boxes in Inner Storm which may be spent to gain boosts in thwarting the Storms of other characters or calling on the Storm for minor effects.

Skill Changes

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