Someone once told me of MMO players: “We’re all broken; why else would we still be here?” I still have yet to find evidence capable of proving her wrong.

In Fate Online, you don’t play as the casual MMORPG player of today, but as the big name heavy user of a fictional future VR-MMO that has transcended the “theme park attraction” paradigm of the 2000s and 2010s. Heavy users are those who spend more time in the game than in the real world—or who at least subordinate the real world in favour of the virtual one—because there is something about the real world and its rules that they are dissatisfied or unable to deal with.

But if you think that means everyone online deals with such issues seriously, I have evidence to prove you wrong.

The Player Characters

Luca Saturday
Alberic Sixwright
Ysabeau Gabrielle

Libra/The Consortium Members

Former Solo Players

Cypher Rosethorne
Escape Goat
Zinedra Rosethorne
Pelepone Argos-Argive

Former Tatzelwurm

Jackdaw Rook
Sylpher Ruin


Orphin Yvel
Two-Tone Aspalar
Curoel Coeurl
Quick Ben

Former Black Rune

Artor Morlin
Fianna Morlin
Windy Morlin
Mandragas Sevron
Tad Oppenheimer

Shadow Puppetry

Wilhermina Broker
Chat Noir

Cogwheel Cartel

Kaylee Cogwright
Missy Kryx
Niwatori Scamp

Angra Mainyu

Ilya Thaliedor

World Tree Organisation

Lecsi Grangrimoire

Bull Squadron

Even Steven
Big Barta
Rough Radmon


Pride of Eagles

Ambrose Thorn
Athir Mynheir
Fiora Mynheir


Midas Silenius


The Floodcallers
Protojenius Nyx

Prominent AI

Duchess Mydia of Raithwall
Brave Prince Zeal


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