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Fate Online, often referred to as FSO (a fan moniker meaning “Fate/Stay Online”), is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) set on the fantasy world of Loom, where a prophesied and powerful evil threatens the land. Players take the role of Fate Breakers, those blessed by the Triple Goddess with the power to fight destiny. As the first MMO to successfully deliver a dynamic sandbox environment over the typical “theme park” MMORPG design prevalent at the turn of the millenium, Fate Online quickly gained popularity with subscribers eager to make their mark on the fictional universe. It is developed by Inferno Studios and contains 3 expansion packs: Fate Online – Year of the Comet, Fate Online – Dead Man’s Hand, and the recently released Fate Online – The Chosen Ones. The initial release is now sometimes known as “Fate vanilla”, “classic Fate”, or “Fate core”.


The initial release, set in the lands surrounding the Last Free City of Talos, depicted a world laid low by hellish and exhaustive demonic invasion. Launch-day players, the first of the newly-anointed Fate Breakers, witnessed the Triple Goddesses’ blessing and watched as the deities, powers expended, turned to stone in the city square. As lesser demons and undead swarmed the streets, it was through the efforts of the launch-day players that the Last Free City of Talos, through weeks of grueling street-to-street combat, was liberated and established as a staging ground for Fate Breaker efforts.

After Fate Breakers defeated Rakshasa, Champion of the Destroyer at the City of Night, game developer Inferno Studios released the first expansion, Year of the Comet (YotC). YotC unveiled the mysterious subterranean Night Roads and the icy, mountainous Northlands; Dead Man’s Hand opened the sand-seas of the Restany Desert and introduced flintlock-style firearms to the game; and the most recent expansion, The Chosen Ones, promises to allow players to attempt to recapture Loom’s ancient capital of Arcadia where Kina-Ma the Destroyer, head of the invasion, is said to await.


Fate Online gameplay typically operates in cycles alternating between Reclamation and Restoration.

Reclamation involves the liberation of zones from demonic control. Fate Breakers are required to mobilise in large numbers to conduct warfare against the local demonic overlord; until the demon lord is vanquished, the enemy numbers in the specific zone are endless. Demon overlords are difficult and dynamic encounters requiring clever strategy and troop management.

When the demon overlord is defeated, control of the zone reverts to the Fate Breakers, beginning the Restoration cycle for that area. Resource gatherers and item crafters are now able to mine the land and rebuild settlements, often unlocking new items and materials necessary for future Reclamation cycles. These new resources are similarly left unnamed for the first to discover or craft them.

On occasion, reclaimed zones will also reveal time-lost dungeons long forgotten by the world. Powerful artefacts and secrets await those brave enough to challenge these demanding ordeals.


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  • Implemented to combat Real Money Trading (RMT) spam, all communication in Fate Online is conducted through voice chat.

Fate Online

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