Alberic Sixwright




Alberic Sixwright is a lion beastkin of the Lancer class, and current member of the guild < Libra >. Simple-minded, kind, and cheerful, Alberic is not what one would expect from any serious raider, let alone someone of her repute. She just seems to instinctively know how to fight, despite not ever bothering to read the manual and lore of the game. One of the favorite things she likes to do is to say “yes” to adventure, even if it probably means wiping a dungeon or journeying forth into lands unknown.

She’s the former holder of the title The Peerless Blade, a former Saber, and a former, long-time member of the guild < Shadow Puppetry >, among others. In real life, she was also formerly an Olympic fencer, whose loss of reputation and career led her to devoting long hours into Fate Online. At the moment, she’s on break from her freelance translation job, because those Lancer levels just won’t grind themselves.


High Concept: The Forthright Sixwright
Trouble: Fear of Failure
All Eyes on You
You Can’t Stat Instinct
Barrels Head-first into Things


Great +4 – Fight
Good +3 – Beastkin, Athletics, Rapport
Fair +2 – Will, Provoke, Resource,
Average +1 – Empathy, Stealth, Ride, Lore


(Racial) Outcast Gypsies
Once per game session, show up anywhere you want to provided you can run there. The fiction also supports the use of Beastkin to entertain others through shows of legerdemain, perform acrobatic feats, and avoid notice. Beastkin replaces Survival.

Don’t bring a sword to a spearfight
Battlefield Commander
Killing Strike
Fire spear

Alberic Sixwright

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